3 Flame BBQ!

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We are a mobile food vendor barbeque business that specializes in Texas style dry rub BBQ. The Texas style dry rub means that there is no wet sauce used in preparation of our meat. Instead we use our own creation of dry rub, made up of several herbs and spices which allow the meat to absorb all the flavors during the smoking process. For more information about dry rub bbq please click here. Our awesome BBQ can be found at local festivals and the occasional winery.

If you are interested in trying our BBQ, please visit the Upcoming Events section of our page to see when we will be near you. If you have tried our delicious BBQ and would like to place an order for your next gathering, check out our menu of meats and sides on our Menu section.

Pitmaster Tony3 Flame BBQ's Pitmaster is Tony Furbee. In May of 2010, he attended The BBQ Institute in San Antonio, Texas to learn how to create our mouth-watering smoke-flavor. He brought back his knowledge learned from that class to Ohio and he began perfecting his craft. Tony built his first smoker and his friends and family would be the taste testers for his new love of smoking. He would smoke for neighborhood and family events to allow for more practice.

Meet the ownersIn early 2017, a small group of friends joined Tony in this journey and started the 3 Flame BBQ, LLC. In May of this year, a few of us took a trip to Alabama to pick up the new smoker. We purchased a Creek model reverse flow smoker custom made by Black Warrior Smokers. This is a picture of 3 Flame BBQ team finishing up our first public event at the 2017 Grove City Wine and Arts Festival.